Sunday, January 1, 2017

MInecraft PE and Win10 is now PC (ish)!

I know it's Minecraft PE's 5th birthday, but there's some new stuff on the game which is BLOWING MY MIND! From the End to Mobs, I'm going to show you all of them.

1.  End, Ender Dragon, Endermites, etc.
The End is used up square that has no corners, and 3 End portal block on each side. In each of them you need a Eye of Ender. Now, the End Portal blocks were there all long but the Eyes of Ender wasn't. Ender pearls, and Endermites were added into the game to make eyes of Eyes of Ender. Enderman used to drop nothing, but now they drop ender pearls.

2.  Flying in Survival!
Wings are added to Minecraft to give you a nice way to get around. Check this video out by Gaming Show and Thinknoodles about the wings.

3. Cheats
When you came into Minecraft PE, you thought there was cheats. Well, that's what I thought when I saw a Minecraft video with cheats. It was /set time day. I don't know which one I watched, but I have a guess.

4. End Rods
End Rods are ways to replace fences for your lightposts in your worlds. It also works to replace those glowstone. But, really. It's safer to get glowstone than get end rods.

Now, not EVERYTHING is in this update. I think all it's missing some things, but over all it has everything.

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