Thursday, December 29, 2016

iOS 10.2 TV App

I don't know about you, but when there's new updates on my iPhone, I download it right when I get a pop-up to update.

When I updated to  iOS 10.2, I found a new app and I didn't find the "Videos" app. When I opened it, the intro said it replaced the videos app. You can download apps like ABC, CBS, etc. to add on the TV app.

When I checked for my AT&T U-Verse app, it was not there (Note: You can auto login to Dish, etc. to iCloud Keychain and it will auto login to other apps).

The TV app has nothing to do with the Apple TV. I thought it was a app for the Apple TV, but it works with iTunes movies, shows, and channel apps.

If I had to rate this 1 out 10, I would say 7 out of 10.

Back from our road trip fun @ LA!

So we have been busy doing fun stuff in LA, and now we are going to show you.  

1.  The Loop
The Loop sells churros with ice cream on the bottom and toppings.

2. King Richards Antique Store
I saw, typewriters, old pianos, old toys, and old couches!
I felt like I went to Hot Wheels Land!

3. Afters Ice Cream.
I had ice cream! It was chocolate!

After all of this, we didn't last a second in the car, and fell right to sleep. When we got home I was so tired. 

posted by DJ Garcia