Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pages From My Notebook:Day Trip To The Bunny Train at the Orange Empire Railroad Museum

My family and I went on a day trip today. I took notes on everything I saw. 

Page 14:

We just got here at the train station. We got here 1 hour early after looking at some model homes.

Page 15,16

We just got in the train station. There all bunnies on the ticket area.We just found out that they do thomas the train is here. ( If you want to)

16 (Fiction)

We're are going to ride the trolley later.

Page 17:

Touch: Wood Trolloy,White Fence,Steamrollar.
See: Hot Dogs,A Trouly,Seamphone.

Page 19: We see color light signals and block indicators. When we push the button, it either lights up red, orange, or green. With the block indicator, it lights a orange light. 

Page 20:
We look at the shed and we enter the LA railway shed. There are old trolleys, trains, and more. We see a subway, it says "grand only 7&". 

Page 21:  We just got into the bunny train. I just got some new Easter stickers for my notebook. I'm not sure where the train is going. 

Page 22. We are in a moving train. Mommy is feeling sick. I'm dizzy. The bunny is almost here. 

bunny train

so i went on the bunny train and i saw a bunny

the bunny train had activities for us

there were:
  • bunny hop games
  • balance the egg
  • bubbles
  • jumpy house
  • basket decorating
  • and of course, train rides